Knowledge Kids Program

We have developed a program to help aid the problem our current school system has with the loss of arts programming.  For the past 10 years I have taught audio and video courses at various churches in the New York City area.  It has been a rewarding experience to teach young adults who are eager and interested in music and the arts, so much so that I decided to continue on with the development of the program to expand it to become available outside the churches and into the community centers and after school programs citywide.  The program will teach young adults ages 15 thru 18 living in at risk communities in the New York area the career skill of audio engineering.  The program I have created incorporates all the basics of professional audio and will give the knowledge needed to be able to handle working in this field.  Anyone who takes this course will come out of it with a full understanding of the concepts of audio that are needed to get a job in this field.  My aim is to give these kids a career skill that they can use doing what they all want to do at this age making a Recording of their own , using their minds to create something they can be proud of, and thru this instill in these kids a sense of purpose in their lives, and help them to find their way out of the streets and into creating a productive life for themselves. 

How does the Online Program Work ? 

We will continue to offer the classes at the church and are preparing to begin working with various community centers in NY to bring our curriculum to their center.  We will set up in each location to host the class 2 days per week for 10 weeks.  The kids will be able to log into the online portal for the training and follow the class from anywhere they are located at the time, if they are not able to attend the physical class at their training location.  

At the completion of the course , each child will receive a certification of completion and a selection of kids that really showed their desire to continue on in this seriously considering it as a career choice for themselves will be offered internship to work in a professional recording studio, rehearsal studio, TV network or other types of professional audio services companies working in New York. Program

Sound Woman Org,  we are in the beginning stages of developing this wonderful resource information homebase for women in professional sound engineering and technical / computer tech work worldwide.  This will become a true resource for the emerging women in Tech in the 20th Century.  Tech Women will have a central location worldwide to communicate with each other, swap work with each other,  train in person and online training sessions and create a place where information can easily be obtained for the aspiring and/or working women in tech today.  

We want to encourage young women between the ages of 12 – 22 years, who are interested in careers in tech… tech like Audio Engineering, Video Editing, Computers IT,  Computer Programming. 

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